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My Growth Part 2

When we remove the negativity, drama, gossip, judging ourselves and others, self-sabotage, and comparing ourselves. You become the magnet to the positivity within and around you. That's a whole new beauty in growth. Self-confidence shines differently, your voice is heard, and the right people are in your circle. The people that are truly happy for you and want to empower you and your goals. Your time becomes a lot more valuable and the last thing you want to do is spend it with regrets and negativity. You are not so quick to say "yes" to everything and everyone. Set those boundaries and allow yourself to say the word "no" without guilt. Because if you don't that function that you squeezed into your already super flipping busy day just has you fit to be tied before you are even there. Every worst-case scenario runs through your thoughts and you're mad before you even leave the house. You just wasted time coming up with a game plan as to how can you cancel without being "that person". Because for the longest time we are the ones that had a lot to say about "that person" and heaven forbid we are not there to catch up on all the gossip with drama. Was it worth it? Did it make you feel better? No, it doesn't make you feel better it only creates more insecurities and false happiness. The more time you spend while you gossip with others the less time you spend looking in the mirror of your not-so-perfect self. It's not always the greatest feeling when we see what we need to work on instead of always pointing the finger at everyone else.

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